Why Silicon Valley is so attractive

Most people from existing companies flying to Silicon Valley have the tourist approach. And those who stay at home think that everybody in Silicon Valley is waiting for startups and is immediately offering a suitcase filled with money

Of course it's good and important to visit Facebook, Google and Apple, but it is much more exciting to pitch in the nearest Starbucks or to visit an event to discuss with other entrepreneurs and investors.

For me, Silicon Valley means:
  1. innovative climate: talk to everyone, collect feedback, get to know people
  2. large, open, technology savvy market
  3. a lot of potential partners close by
  4. a lot of investors, but also a lot of competition for the money
  5. easy, cheap way to incorporate enterprises
Each entrepreneur should go to Silicon Valley at least once a month to understand what it's like.

I can't explain that, you have to feel it.

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