Why I am a portfolio entrepreneur

In the early 1990s, I was CIO at VA Tech AG and responsible for IT, Internet and e-commerce worldwide. This was interesting and I don't want to miss this stage in my career.
But I am not the corporate type. In companies,
  • Things are too slow
  • You have to show too much consideration for the structures and processes that have developed over the years and have influenced the company culture
  • Corporates are good in operation, not in innovation
  • There are informal power structures 
I have the impression that the larger the company the more it's about power, not the cause.

My career had various stages before VA Tech. I stayed everywhere as long as I had the feeling I could add value to the organisation. 

When that was not possible any longer or got too difficult I moved on.

I always felt more as entrepreneur,
I always worked as if it was my own company – even as employee.

My inner notivation is curiosity. 

I am as curious as a child. And – like children – I can be as excited about small things.

Many people are not curious any longer at my age. I think that's a pity!

Over time, I love to work with startups at super early stage; and I love to work with more of them in parallel!
My portfolio of startups is growing, and as entrepreneur i am a “portfolio entrepreneur”.

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