What jazz has in common with startups

A jazzband is like a team in a startup

Everybody has to be an expert on his instrument / on his topic.

Only the team can execute a performance. So, it makes no sense to play alone or to have everybody playing the same instrument.

A good performance includes the product, the setup, the audience, the customer. You have to agree on the product. You have to enjoy to perform. Not only to play rehearsals in a cellar or to produce a product without going to market.

The audience / the market is the only one to be allowed to give you feedback. No trainers, no consultants.

Within a gig you feel if it is good our not, because you get immediate feedback from your audience. They are contributing to your product. That is why startups have to get into direct communication with their customers. 


Business ideas I would never invest a minute

Every expert in the startup scene has a focus and an individual behavior.

I would never invest time or money into …

  • Everything related to rip-off, pornography, domain names business. 
  • Everything I don't understand.
  • Copycats – they don't interest me.
  • Everything that only offers a marginal advantage to existing solutions.
  • Everything that's regulated too tightly, such as the Austrian health system.
  • Everything that produces real goods, as worldwide logistics is too complicated. I would think twice about such an investment!
I know I am hunting unicorns. That is risky. But we take that risk!


What does an entrepreneur needs most?

Of course an entrepreneur needs a lot!

From our experience he needs

  • willingness to succeed
  • focus on product and market
  • social competence to build up a team
  • mental fitness to work against common sense
  • vision and joy

Many people we have seen are wannapreneurs or metoopreneurs, but no entrepreneurs.


Are business angels real angels?

Are business angels real angels, while venture capitalists are closer to hell?

No, I wouldn't say so.

Different players are responsible for various financing levels.
Business angels come before the venture capitalists.
I am against mere money orientation – no matter whether a business angel or a venture capitalist does so.

But what is missing is support from day 1 of a new business idea. And it is not about legal and finance. It is about vision, team, market, market entry, communication, product and design. Here entrepreneurs need hands on support.

So real angels are not waiting for a startup. Real angels support from day 1.