What money means for entrepreneurs and business angels

I think that it's the wrong impetus to want to make ever more money. This also concerns many business angels. Most of them are not interested in the startup being able to realise their business idea, but in the startup making money quickly so that they can multiply the invested money.
Many so-called business angels in Austria prefer talking to acting. Some invest ridiculously small sums (e.g. 5,000 Euro – but this amount is notarized and collateralized with the private funds of the founder), others are a nuisance, because they constantly give input without understanding much, some negotiate for weeks and block the startup, because they insist on an assessment and as many shares of the company as possible. This assessment is just not possible at such an early stage.
Hardly anyone can imagine that it can be difficult for a startup to get 1,000 Euro. I often hear, "well, ask your granny then" - but the granny has already given her money and this money has been spent.
I think that more and more people will provide their knowledge and know-how without asking for money immediately, who are ready to take risks and chances.
Just think of all the old age pensioners whom the classical companies want to get rid of, who do not need money, but recognition, a useful occupation, a chance to put in their experience.
Think of the digital natives who want to do their own thing and only need very little money to be able to live, who do not see any reason to know at the age of 25 when they will be able to retire with how much money if only they stick to the system until then.
I think that most salaries today are a mixture of a compensation for pain and suffering and hush-money. And ever more people don't want that any longer: they do something else – voluntarily; or not voluntarily, because they suffer from burn-out.

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