What I’ve learnt as portfolio entrepreneur

I've learnt a lot as portfolio entrepreneur in ten years – what I'd repeat and what I'd do better!

The most important thing is to dare to think a business idea, no matter how strange or impossible it is and not to let family and friends prevent you from realizing this idea.

Some years ago I thought that Internet-based business ideas could be incorporated everywhere, also in Austria. That's why I helped to incorporate some companies in Austria. I had to become 50 years old to realize that this is not true. Austria is behind in Europe and Europe is miles behind the USA. That's the second thing I've learnt.

And the third thing is that everything I learn from startups is needed in existing companies as well. That's what I want to share.

Unfortunately many companies lag so far behind and are so inflexible that I lack patience to position and market them accordingly.

And I don't want to be a typical consultant who maximizes the number of days and the day-rate, but is not interested in solutions. This maximizes the profit, but is boring.

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