Our CEOs Blog Post. Vlad Bodi, Founder + Happy Executive Officer @ Hppy Apps Inc

Hppy Apps is an employee engagement software that enables companies to track and manage employee happiness, through mood tracking and anonymous feedback. Vlad Bodi founded Hppy in 2013. 

A few months ago, Hppy launched the feature of anonymous conversations between management and employees. Just after 3 months, more than 300 conversations are going on via the platform.

What’s needed to make the vision of employee happiness come true? Vlad tells us:

What’s the vision you follow with Hppy?
“Help companies improve employee happiness at work, by using strategies driven by employees. We live in a world where users shape businesses, and employees are one of the main users of a business. They live it. But what drives employee happiness is very hard to pin point. There are so many factors influencing it, that there is no one cure for all. We aim to help companies understand what drives their inner happiness, in order to align HR strategy with employees.”

How did this vision develop over time?
“We started by aiming our tool to online communities, but shifted to enterprise focus in Q4 last year. There is potential in this market and even though there still is some resistance, we see people like the concept. Who doesn’t want to be happy in the end? We are seeing that with a small user count we are able to gather quite some data, so we are looking in the future at BI information opportunities.”

What is your most important competence to develop Hppy and what do you consider to be your most important resource?
“The passion I have for team culture and happiness is surely the most important one for Hppy. I have built up hands-on experience and knowledge in this field in the last years, and I love using it every day. My most important resource is time. Time is invaluable, and while anyone else can give you anything in return, no one can ever give back time. For Hppy, it’s also time. Every day someone works on Hppy, or uses Hppy is an investment for life. Those moments, belong to us for life. You might have expected me to say team or people here, but the reason I didn’t is in the semantics. I never liked considering people as resources. It sounds wrong.”

Why will Hppy hit the market?
“As we come out (running currently) from the industrial age, people start paying more attention to their lives. Worklife is a big part of our lives, as we spend in average about 5500 full days working in our life time. We should make sure they are memorable. While there are solutions out there for feedback management or employee engagement, we will make sure we add the happiness dimension to the discussion between employees and managers. We don’t compete in our market, we complement it.”

Tracking and managing employee happiness.
Palo Alto, California

Vlad @vladbodi
Founder of Hppy. Passionate about life, adventure and happiness. .

Salomé @SalomeWagner


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