The CEOs Blog Post. Cosmin Ciobanu, CEO + Founder of Octonius.

“The strength to follow your path without fear, the absolute and undeniable trust in your feelings.” 

When I joined 42Angelitos as professional recently, I was impressed by the
founder’s entrepreneurial spirit. Though I am used to work in a start-up
environment, the case in our team seems different to me. So I decided to let the
CEO reply to a set of questions with the aim to understand where their
unbreakable enthusiasm comes from. Their answers are just inspiring!

The answers below come from Cosmin Ciobanu, the founder and CEO of Octonius.
Octonius offers file management over the cloud and is available in the AppStore.
Octonius 2 has been launched by mid January 2014. Just one week after launch,
Octonius already manages over4 million files from Dropbox, evernote and

What’s the vision you follow with Octonius?
“Octonius started as a solution to our daily problems as freelancers & developers.
We needed a fast and simple way to track and manage your online files from your
phone. Most of the times we need to just check and review what the Team did,
send it back or collect a group of files from different clouds and share it with the
client. This was the basic idea.”

How did this vision develop over time?
“Octonius became a delightful experience for the power users. And we are
devoted to make it even better - there is a lot of work to do, making it easier to
track and manage online files, easier to collaborate without boundaries and
without extra efforts. It has to become effortless to manage files from your
mobile device. Work does not mean office in 2014.”

What is your most important competence to develop Octonius and what 
do you consider to be your most important resource? 
“The strength to follow your path without fear, the absolute and undeniable trust
in your feelings. No matter about your strengths as a founder, there is nothing
you can do without the A-Team. They are the enthusiasts and hard working
people that help you get the work done. Together - with family support and a
great team of founders - you are limitless.”

Why will Octonius hit the market?
“There are many solutions for cloud storage management, yet none of them were
able to keep things simple and to view the cloud storage from the users
perspective. You must think out of the box and in order to create value, you have
to simplify and reduce a lot. This is our mantra. Productivity doesn’t mean “more
features, more productive”, but keeping the focus on the user, on how your users
will work, how they wish to solve their problems. This is what Octonius is doing:
we take what is broken and we fix it.”

Fantabulous file management for the cloud. Palo Alto, California

Cosmin Ciobanu
Founder of Octoni.us, enthusiast entrepreneur, father, husband. ♥ ♜ Freiburg &

Salomé Wagner


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