CEOs Blog Post: Tooliers – The GPS for Your Business Success!

By Ozana Giusca, CEO + Founder of Tooliers @ Tooliers Inc

Tooliers is THE platform with business growth tools to help small companies get BIG, by performing a diagnosis to identify their real problems, and undertaking a growth program, where they receive tailored step-by-step actions Tools are offered in an organized and structured manner, to solve real problems.

What’s the vision you follow with Tooliers?

The vision for Tooliers is to become THE platform with smart tools for small and mid-sized business owners. To help small businesses get big, with tools instead of professional services, in an organized and structured manner. To leverage technology to make the best practices and latest business theories available to small business owners, for a fraction of consulting fees, with same or better results.

Tooliers is also a marketplace for consultants, coaches and trainers to make their strategic tools available to small businesses.

Tooliers will offer tools as a service, fully automated. Additionally, it will offer growth programs, where various tools will perform part of the job, and where the human touch will be present only where automation cannot solve the problem.

How did this vision develop over time?
It all started with my consulting business being stuck and not growing. I went to a course, and I learnt so many tactics and techniques to grow my business. But then, I said to myself it would be more valuable if I apply all those techniques on our clients. This is how Business Lens emerged, as a tool to identify the growth potential of any small business. The tools became automated, as I wanted to deliver the same quality results to all our clients, regardless of the consultant working on the project. Then we created tools with each module of the tool.  Now we have tools on strategy, marketing, sales, HR, culture, motivation, innovation and even the leader herself. We look at everything that maters for the growth of the business.

We then put the platform underneath all these tools to make them available online, and create a much larger impact in the world, by offering such tools to all small businesses, globally.
Then users told us that it is indeed helpful for them to know where they need to focus on to grow their business, but wanted to know HOW. This is how the Growth Programs emerged.

What is your most important competence to develop xx and what do you consider to be your most important resource?
I have a broad understanding of business, and have worked with small businesses for 14 years now. I have seen what is stopping them from growing, and I have also seen the ones that make it. I also know most of the best practices used by the large companies to achieve their success, and I am now able to adapt them to the small businesses. I can easily identify the gaps within any business, and provide solutions and recommendations for massive growth.  I have a well-developed ability to observe and adapt things to growing any business.

I have written a book with 101 tactics to take the company to the next level – this is a great asset that Tooliers can leverage upon. Such tactics are the basis of lead generation and lead nurturing for Tooliers, in various forms and shapes: emails, blog posts, videos, slide shares, iTunes, social media posts, etc.

Why will Tooliers hit the market?
Small business owners have so many problems, and not always the solutions. They are afraid to even think of using consultants, as they believe consultants are expensive and don’t offer much value. Tooliers is the no brainer alternative, as it offers solutions with automated tools, and it only costs 5% of the typical consulting services. So clearly it is worth a try. Once business owners use it, they will realize the power it gives them, and will stick to it.

The impact of Tooliers is the same that booking.com, opodo or expedia had for the travel industry.  They made it more efficient. Or the same as ATMs lead to increased efficiency of the banks by replacing a large part of the cashiers’ jobs (that did not bring much value added).  Tooliers is slowly going to replace brain work with tool work.

Author: Ozana Giusca & Salomé Wagner

Tooliers, GPS for Business Success = Business Growth Tools

Ozana Giusca CEO: Small Business Growth Expert.

About this blog:
When I joined 42Angelitos as professional recently, I was impressed by the founder’s entrepreneurial spirit. Though I am used to work in a start-up environment, the case in our team seems different to me. So I decided to let the CEO reply to a set of questions with the aim to understand where their unbreakable enthusiasm comes from. Their answers are just inspiring!


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