How startups and investors find each other?

I am in the startup biz since 2003. I have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, biz ideas and startup teams. I have incorporated as co-founder startups both in Europa and in Silicon Valley. All startups with growth potential and disruptive ideas need money. And many of them need money very early when it is risky for investors to invest. I learned that many investors are focussing on series B and C, or at least at a stage when the valuation of the company is clear, when revenues have indicated that there is a market, when customers are buying and when all key performance indicators are positiv.

And I learned that business angels are for the early stages of startups investing between 10.000 and 100.000 EURO or USD. Normally I try to get investors to be interested in our startups. And I know a lot from the startup's perspective. And as CEO of 42angelitos I know how hard it is to get into contact with the next unicorns at a very early stage. For startups it is not easy to get investors, but for investors it is even worse to get the right startups for their money.

I think that the market is too fragmented and intransparent.

There are so many business angels out there. They are acting mainly regional or national, in their language and their known legal system, they are acting alone or together with friends, they sometimes are organised in clubs or associations.
For the investors it helps a lot not to be alone, but it is clear that there are many startups out there that cannot be reached although they would perfectly fit.
The other option for investors is to be in several clubs and associations but this is time consuming and there are still startups unreachable.

So, we joined Phlash42 and want first know how investors think and act.
If you are an investor please answer the questionnaire at http://bit.ly/Phlash42_Q01a 



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