StoryCap is new Startup of 42Angelitos

We are proud to announce that 42Angelitos is shareholder of a new Silicon Valley based startup: StoryCap. With StoryCap people can challenge others to act together outside the internet. We at 42Angelitos love the “Real Way to Connect”. It’s perfect for young generation and it will be necessary for collaboration in future: to challenge each other, to get to know each other. All routine tasks will be done by software and robots, not humans!


42Angelitos is investment partner of 4Good

I first met Stephanus Vermeulen in Cascais, Portugal at the GetIntheRing Global Meetup end of May 2018. We had good discussions there and since then we had each other on our radars.

What I did in the meantime is to check out ICOs, blockchain, reading about the tokenizing of the world. And I also would like to contribute to entrepreneurs trying to do good things.

4Good is something special I really love and recommend. It is a marketplace for activists where consumers meet brands and bith of the are doing good to the world! And it's for generation Y and Z - and for all of us doing good for the next generations!

So, follow 4good on twitter and check out the entry on StartEngine and connect with Stephanus Vermeulen.

Chris H. Leeb
CEO of Angelitos Inc.